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About Us

Our Business

EvolveMed is a medical documentation company focused on developing and providing unique, cost-effective charting products and services. For over 20 years, EvolveMed has delivered documentation services to thousands of physicians on behalf of millions of patients.

We're Different. We have always been different. Since inception, our focus has been to identify charting inefficiencies and to create systems to banish them.

Today, EvolveMed offers digital dictation and transcription services, complaint-driven charting templates, and web-based documentation products and services to all medical specialties. Most importantly, EvolveMed improves patient care by delivering reliable and cost-effective customer service to providers.

Our History

In 1986, company founders sought to solve a few costly problems in the emergency department they ran. First, dictated chart quality was inconsistent across providers in their group. This resulted in wide differences in average reimbursement per physician. Second, the amount of time spent dictating and handwriting charts was excessive. Chart quality suffered as the patient census grew and as charts piled up for end-of-shift completion.

Our experience led us to a two-pronged solution. First, the Chief Complaint Charting SystemTM, a complaint-specific bedside note-taking template program, was created; and second, the Simplified Dictation SystemTM, a structured dictation method using alpha-numeric input and physician-specific "normals" was implemented.

The desirable results: charting took less time; reimbursement increased substantially by bringing up the lows; chart usefulness improved because of consistent structure; and completeness was enhanced due to the use of bedside note-taking templates.

In 1990, EvolveMed began offering its digital dictation services and template solutions to others.

In 1999, EvolveMed launched, delivering free documentation templates to the medical community at large.

In 2000, EvolveMed launched AAEM TemplatesTM, emergency department documentation templates, in partnership with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Resources Group.

In 2007, EvolveMed launched PeerChartsTM, emergency department documentation templates, in partnership with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.

In 2010, EvolveMed re-launches FreeChartTM, a hybrid charting app that blends the best of structure and narrative, and FreeChart BedsideTM, complaint-driven templates, to the online medical community.

In 2011, EvolveMed launches TalkChartTM, the all terrain charting system. TalkChartTM is a web-based multi-specialty medical charting system built to mirror your style. Unlike other systems, it adapts to you, not the other way around. Describe the encounter your way with automated content that's personalized to your style and evolves to enhance your performance and maximize your efficiency.

Stay tuned...more to come.