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Privacy & Confidentiality

EvolveMed realizes that there is a growing number of concerns regarding privacy on the Internet. To help our customers better understand these issues we have prepared this statement. Any questions regarding this statement can be e-mailed to


EvolveMed requires that all customers register before they are granted access to some areas on our site. The reasoning for this is threefold:

  1. First, this information allows us to provide our customers with a personalized experience on our site. For example, complete personalized medical templates can be generated without the customer re-entering his/her information each time a template is created.
  2. Second, registration information allows us to contact our customers concerning EvolveMed updates and new products. We respect customers' rights and therefore provide them with the option to decline us permission to contact them. Please contact us at 800.301.4901 for assistance. EvolveMed does not provide third parties with any information that could be used to identify customers individually, without first obtaining their express consent.
  3. Third, the information we collect is used for internal marketing efforts to provide you with better service.

EvolveMed allows users to correct and update all personal information at any time by going to the "Manage Account" page.


EvolveMed and all of its products meets and/or exceeds privacy and security requirements of HIPAA and HITECH legislation.

PHI and the protection of PHI is our primary security concern. PHI relating to the transcription of medical records never leaves our network during the transcription process. All network access is maintained through a secure corporate virtual private network interface. All employees work on EvolveMed owned and controlled equipment and software. Access to completed transcribed documents is controlled through encrypted Internet access.

Help Desk

Problem resolution is managed through our secure Help Desk management web site so that PHI is never transmitted using unauthorized transmission mechanisms such as e-mail, mail, or ftp.